Kokkina Xalia (X-Factor)

Monday 14th September - Monday 14th September
Support Artist:
Ticket Price: €20
Show Starts At: 09:30 PM

Kokkina Halia:

The band is consisted of Alexandros Dimopoulos, Fotis Delinikolas, Lefteris Giannopoulos and Giorgos Papadimitrakis. 

Their name reflects their love for music and the faith they have in what they do. The word “carpet” is symbolic, and it stands for the notions of reality, ground, realism, and landing. The red colour stands for passion and heat.

After a very successful Pan-Hellenic tour, with 35 stops, the group sparked the interest and now it comes again to spark us all with their new track “I want you tonight”. 


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